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Songtradr was founded by producer/songwriter Paul Wiltshire and developed by a team of music industry professionals who all share a belief and vision to redefine the value of music. The company is focused on solving the transactional difficulties associated with licensing, buying and selling music rights as well ...

Paul Wiltshire:
Chief Executive Officer

Paul is an international multi-award winning record producer, songwriter and entrepreneur who has produced and/or composed music with sales of over 15 million units including twelve #1 selling albums/singles and twenty-eight top 20 albums/singles. Artists include The Backstreet Boys, Human Nature, Delta Goodrem, Guy Sebastian, Engelbert Humperdinck and Vanessa Amorosi.

Paul founded music business PLW Entertainment, which was eventually acquired by ASX (Australian Stock Exchange) listed technology company Goconnect Limited in 2010, where he served on the Board for several years.

Extremely passionate about changing the music industry into a better place, Paul has focused all of his efforts on working to achieve this through Songtradr.

Steve Karpowicz:
Chief Operating Officer

Steve is a highly experienced music executive who has worked for various music publishers and music production houses in Los Angeles over the last 15 years.

Prior to his engagement with Songtradr, Steve was the Senior VP of Musicbox, the production music division for ole Rights Management, one of the largest independent music publishers. Steve has also served as the General Manager for Vanacore Music for 5 years and the Operations and Distribution Manager for Megatrax Production Music for 6 years.

Steve is an accomplished guitarist, audio engineer and avid music fan. He has a bachelors degree in global business management from the University of Phoenix and was certified as an audio engineer from Musician’s Institute in Hollywood.

Tom Callahan:
Chief Customer Officer

With 30 years of music industry executive experience, Tom has been involved with some of the biggest names in music history. From Rod Stewart and Lenny Kravitz to Paula Abdul and Shania Twain amongst many others. He began his career as a musician and segued into working for a number of record labels. At Virgin records, he became Vice President of adult format radio promotion before launching his own businesses, including an artist development and management company.

Michelle Crispin:
VP Head of Music

A creative executive with 20 years of experience in the music industry, including music supervision & licensing, A&R, artist development, management, marketing and publicity. Prior to joining Songtradr, Michelle was Sr. Creative Director of Mighty Generation Music, General Manager of Vellum Records, and President of mediaHo publicity. Michelle has degrees in Music Performance and Communications from Jacksonville University and toured for many years as a professional musician, before transitioning to the executive side of the music industry.

Helge C. Steffen:
Chief Technology Officer

Helge has over 20 years experience in software/web development including 10 years as Director of software development and deployment worldwide for one of the world’s largest independent music publishers, Peermusic.

Helge is a perfectionist who never settles for second best and always strives to make the user experience exceptional. He is a unique combination of technologist, coder, musician and publishing expert, fueling the Songtradr engine!

Erin Dillon:
Account Executive

In her new role as Account Executive at Songtradr, Erin is excited about sharing a vast and diverse new catalogue of music. She aims to align the brand with high profile Film & TV placements, allowing the quality of the product to speak for itself.

With a lengthy background in Music Supervision, Erin is perceptive and committed to getting Creatives the best material for their projects. Her IMDB credits (America’s Best Dance Crew, Muffin Top: A Love Story, Hit the Floor, Madea’s Witness Protection) speak to her savvy ear.

As a Los Angeles native and performance pianist of 15 years, Erin is endlessly inspired by music.

Sarah Ponder:
Account Executive

Sarah’s passion for music - ranging from the most esoteric to widely known artists - has helped forge her career in the business.

Having started as a coordinator, she has gone on to work in licensing, administration, artist acquisition and music supervision. Her experience lies in Reality Television with shows (The Jersey Shore, Party Down South, Friendzone, Tattoo Nightmares) Independent Features (Dark Mountain, Whiskey Business, Random Acts Of Violence) , Commercials (Chevy, Mazda) and Trailers (In the Heart Of The Sea, XMen: Apocalypse, Our Brand Is Crisis).

Her steadfast love of promoting the highest quality music in an array of genres attracted her to the Songtradr family. Being able to facilitate her clients’ satisfaction in acquiring the ideal song for their needs brings her the utmost satisfaction.

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Lex Lindsey

Erin Dillon Scores Best Music Supervisor Nomination, Rounds Out Songtradr’s Team of Heavy Hitters

Employing the right digital-age experts can make or break any start-up in the online arena. When Songtradr—a consumer-friendly marketplace for music rights and content management, which launched March 7—found Erin Dillon to round out its 15-person line-up, the company scored big. Songtradr’s staff and advisory board include music biz heavy-hitters with long years of experience. But the most recent global recognition for a Songtradr operative went to 29-year-old Account Executive Dillon.

Dillon was surprised by an early-morning email one weekday in December saying the Guild of Music Supervisors had nominated her for Best Music Supervisor for a Docuseries or Reality Television Award. She had attended the Guild’s forums, but her role in the Sixth Annual Awards snuck up on her. Songtradr CEO Paul Wiltshire tells folks, “Erin’s in it for the music, not the prestige or the money…She has more credibility in our clients’ world than I do.”

That’s saying something, considering Wiltshire has won multiple international awards as a record producer and songwriter. He founded PLW Entertainment, a music production company later acquired by GoConnect. He produced and/or composed 12 number-one-selling records by the likes of the Backstreet Boys, Vanessa Amorosi, Human Nature, and Engelbert Humperdinck. Tom Callahan, Songtradr’s Chief Customer Officer, has promoted industry legends like Shania Twain, Lenny Kravitz, and Bonnie Raitt. And Songtradr’s advisors include Phil Quartararo, former CEO at Virgin, Warner Bros. and EMI, as well as attorney Gary Stiffelman, who has represented some of the biggest names in the industry.

As he assembled the Songtradr organization, Wiltshire could tell Dillon was perceptive and committed. “She’s all about the music and serving those clients,” he points out, “and about tirelessly seeking out talented craftsmanship.” For her part, Dillon simply says, “Music is on my brain 90% of the day. The other 10% is me thinking about food.”

The Guild of Music Supervisors nominated Dillon along with Joel C. High, CEO of Creative Control Entertainment, for Best Music Supervisor for the docuseries America’s Best Dance Crew All-Stars: Road to the VMAs. Also nominated were music supervisors of The Voice (who won), So You Think You Can Dance, and American Idol. In all, 16 music supervisors for films, TV, trailers, and video games won awards at the ceremony January 28th. Guild president John Houlihan told Variety, “The work of a music supervisor enhances the storytelling in all media forms, and our guild awards celebrate the creative achievements that have given billions of viewers a deeper experience over the past year.”

Providing deeper experiences through her wide-ranging musical tastes is what Dillon has prepared for her entire life. From a musical family, she began playing piano at five. The first cassette tape she bought was the Beach Boys, and her first CD was Jewel’s Pieces of Me. “After that,” she laughs, “Nearly every cent I made went to Tower Records until I was 18.” She loved Roy Orbison, Judy Garland, Led Zeppelin, and Depeche Mode—all juxtaposed with the ageless constant of Disney film scores. She minored in music at San Diego State University and still plays piano for pleasure. She’s compiled so many playlists for friends, a career creating playlists for multi-media buyers makes perfect sense.

Hers is a lesson in getting ahead via unpaid internships. In high school, Dillon wrangled one with her first professional mentor, DJ Liza Richardson at Santa Monica College alternative music station KCRW. Soon Dillon was coordinating with DJs and providing production assistance for KCRW. Next she interned at Format Entertainment, which connected music supervisors and artists with media projects.

From there it was a short jump to working at DreamWorks as assistant to Jennifer Hawks, head of music for live action films. Dillon recalls the thrill of laboring in the DreamWorks music department next door to fabled pianist, composer, and conductor John Williams, while he wrote Spielberg’s film scores. “Being around that incredible, historical amazingness was inspiring,” she enthuses. “And driving onto the Universal lot every day was a crazy, surreal dream.” From these adventures, Dillon learned “Nothing is a bigger turnoff than a bad attitude. At the intern/assistant level, you have to be hungry and willing to tackle any job no matter how big or small. You’re going to make mistakes and feel like an idiot, but if you want to succeed, you put your pride aside, laugh it off, and get to work.”

Dillon’s next great benefactor was High, who took her under his wing at Creative Control Entertainment. There she supervised music for projects attached to such big names as Trimark Pictures and Lionsgate Entertainment. Dillon said working on Tyler Perry’s films, Madea’s Witness Protection and Temptation offered insight into how a tight-knit team works together with complete trust and ingenuity.

Dillon and High had a ball supervising music for VH1’s America’s Best Dance Crew All-Stars: Road to the VMAs, which won them the Guild Award nomination. The competitive reality show pits dance crews from around the world against each other (judged by celebrities including hip hop superstar T. Pain, G.O.O.D. Music recording artist Tevana Taylor, and TV and Broadway performer Frankie Grande). She says she had to work “insanely quickly” to handle licensing and help dance crews choose music. The composers were District 78, wizards at producing dance remixes of recognizable hip hop and electronica. “It put me through the ringer,” confessed Dillon, adding, “TV music supervisors don’t get enough credit for finding the tone and quality within each episode while keeping to an overall thematic sound. You have to pour over what seems like endless numbers of tracks. But damn, it sounds and feels good once you’ve accomplished it.”

As to why America’s Best Dance Crew was nominated for the Guild Award, Dillon reasoned, “Joel and I bring our different ears together to find really unique music. And the geniuses at District 78 collaborated well with the dance crews—truly the most gifted dancers I’ve ever seen. Their combined, crazy talent was a thrill to watch on that stage.”

The best part of her current gig with Songtradr, Dillon says, is “listening to music all day long. Everybody pitches in, making playlists and sharing with each other.” Less fun is laboring to make contact with decision-makers rather than their voicemail and assistants. Dillon used to play gatekeeper for her employers, and she empathizes now that the tables have turned. “It’s a delicate balance,” she explains. “You don’t want to come on too strong, but you need to make your presence known. You have to give prospects space and understand the proper way to check in with someone without being annoying.” 

Exciting, new territory for Dillon is brainstorming ways to generate revenue for Songtradr, seeking new uses for its vast catalog in video games, apps, and other untapped markets. She enthuses, “I love that I’m here at an early stage, so I can grow with the company and help develop it.” She aims to align the Songtradr brand with the highest-profile song placements, she says, “allowing the quality of the product to speak for itself.”  Her life-long zeal for identifying and shaping that quality makes Dillon an asset on par with the globally esteemed gentlemen twice her age on Songtradr’s impressive team.

About Songtradr:

Songtradr was founded by Producer/Songwriter Paul Wiltshire and developed by music industry professionals who share a vision to redefine the value of music. The company solves transactional difficulties associated with licensing, buying and selling music rights as well as providing creators, owners and buyers successful business tools. It provides an intuitive, simple and free content management system where music assets are stored, discovered, curated and monetized. Users have complete control and are empowered with flexibility to run their businesses their way. Songtradr keeps a transactional fee of up to 17.5%, a much smaller fee than typically retained for song placements. Using Songtradr’s proprietary search and variable licensing pricing technology, music supervisors, brands, filmmakers and other creatives can now acquire rights directly from sellers, who include some of the world’s best composers, producers, songwriters, artists, bands, publishers, labels and rights estates.